Day 1 Success

Sundays always FLY by for me,and today was no different. After a really long grocery story trip (why don't I ever learn my lesson about trying to save money by shopping at super Walmart for groceries?) and a disappointing end to the Panther's game, I decided I'd start my 30 days off by going to Colonial Lake for a run/walk session. I think it's about 1/2 mile around the lake according to driving distance and mapmyrun.com. My husband even agreed to come with me! The plan was for me to run and him to walk with the dogs. But, the dogs had their minds made up differently. We have two 50-something pound pups (one we're quite sure is a Border Collie/Aussie mix, the other possibly a Australian Cattle dog/Aussie mix). They are spoiled beyond belief and have become even more so since I've been in grad school and home with them a lot of the week.

So, on my 3rd lap around I came up to the hubster (who's real name is Jett, by the way) at a standstill with Rosemary and Duncan. Apparently they were pulling like crazy (we left their harnesses at home) and trying desperately to find me. So, I offered to take Rosemary along with me to run. Ha. That lasted about 1 mintue before my arm felt like it was going to fall off. We walked the rest of the time with them.

I have no idea how far I went, because my ADD kicked in about a lap into it and I lost track of how many laps I ran before stopping to walk. My watch was at 20 minutes when I stopped to walk permanently, and I'd run all but about 3 minutes of that. One more slip up ... I accidently stopped my watch at 37 mintues but didn't realize it until I looked down to see how long we'd been moving. Although, I'm positive it was at least 45 minutes and probably a bit longer.

So, all in all I'll chalk day 1 up to a success!

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