Hallo, my name is Steven

It's midnight, and this is what my family is doing . . .

(I'm already dreaming of the consequences I will face tomorrow for posting the picture of Jett in all his glory ... ahhh ha ha--payback baby, for deleting all those embarrassing photos I always take! )

And this is what I'm doing . . .

In other news, yesterday I kept getting phone calls from an area code I didn't recognize. Seriously, ever hour from 4 to around 8 this same number called, never leaving a message. This morning I had another missed call, and another call while I was checking the missed call list. I answered this time, and the convo went a little something like this:

Caller: (In a STRONG Asian accent): Hallo, my name is Steven, I am calling from continuing your education online degree.com. I would like to talk to you about about continuing your education online degree.

Me: I am a semester away from a master's degree, I'm not interested in continuing my education online.

Caller: I would like to talk to you about continuing your education online degree. (Proceeded by a bunch of words that I'm sure were a mix of English and some other language that I didn't understand).

Me: I'm not interested, please take me off your calling list.

Caller: Ok, goodbye.

Now, I see many things wrong with this encounter, but here are a few of the most frustrating to me. And let me preface this by saying that I understand that everyone's just trying to make a living like the next guy. But, don't call me over and over. Especially not early in the morning or late at night. Secondly, why would you employ someone to sell your product that doesn't speak the language of the audience that he is selling to? Thirdly, this same company called me over and over again around this same time last year and only quit after my husband matter of factly told them to quit calling or else. And lastly, and most importantly to me, seriously, was this guy's name really Steven? His fresh Asian accent and dual language product pitch sure didn't make him sound like a Steven to me.

And in the news that this blog was actually made for, days 3 and 4 of my 30-day challenge.

Yesterday, I wrestled my bike off of our bacolny where it now calls home after we got a rather rude letter from our apartment complex telling us to move it out of the breezeway or it would be removed for us ... thank you very much. I rode in the area, since it was getting dark and was pitch black by the time I made it home. I found some awesome trails in the neighborhood right next door that I'm sure to take advantage of more often (it's amazing what you find when you actually make it outside to do something). I also discovered that my hind end and a bicycle seat are not like pb&j, lock & key, or hand & glove. Catch my drift? AKA, my butt is largo and my bicycle seat is hardo.

Today, again I waited until 8:30 to remember that I'm trying to be a better person. I also seem to forget every day that it now gets dark at 8. So I took my largo backside to the gym and placed it on the treadmill. For 27 minutes to be exact. And only about 12 of those were actually running. Then I plopped that backside in the recumbant bike seat and pedaled away for the remaining 18 minutes. Lesson of today: when you remove yourself from the couch after being a potato for many many months and then use your legs every day, they will probably hurt. Also, if you eat Chick-fil-a as your only meal of the day, you will not feel fabulous.

However, I will put a check mark in the success box for days 3 & 4.

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  1. Maybe Steven is his American name?? That truly is ANNOYING.. We had a lady who did not speak English who would call at 2 and 3AM and wake up my NEWBORN Baby!! I finally had to ask a co-worker how to say "Wrong Number" in Japanese, Korean and Chinese.. I wrote it down and FINALLY she stopped calling.. UGH!!

    "Lesson of today: when you remove yourself from the couch after being a potato for many many months and then use your legs every day, they will probably hurt"

    FYI the hurt will pass and you WILL feel better. TRUST the process and keep on going.

    Thanks for your comment, drop in any time. Welcome to Blogging..