One (not-so-minor) Detail

One other piece of important information from the past couple of years ...
In February, we found out I was pregnant ...


And on October 27, 2012, we welcomed our precious baby boy into the world!
Introducing Hampton Jett
Born 10.27.2012
7 pounds, 11 ounces
21 inches long

MIA ... The Past 2 Years!

Obviously, I haven't been blogging for the past, oh ... 2 years, or so. I have been living life, staying busy, and mostly visiting the internet via my phone or ipad, neither of which I find very conducive to blogging. As we recently celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary, I was looking back at the blog reminisicing about our 1st anniversary and how fun it was to have a record of all of the memories around that time. With all of our major life changes recently, I woud love to have a place to jot down memories and stash a photo or two ... because goodness knows none of them ever make it off my phone or computer to actually be printed.
In an effort to "catch up", here's a quick random collection of events and photos from the past couple of years. I'm "looking back" solely for my benefit, in an effort to have a collection of memories other than my not-always-reliable brain and my camera's memory card.  
I trained with the USAFit marathon program in the summer/fall of 2010. We were training for the Thunder Road marathon in December in Charlotte, but due to some other--more important--life events, my friend Veronica and I ended up running the Disney Marathon in Orlando in January.
We said "see you later" to Jett's dad in September of 2010. He passed unexpectedly, and it was the hardest thing we've ever had to go through. His dad was an incredible man, and one that I'm proud to have called my father-in-law.
I completed the Disney marathon in January 2011.
I was offered and accepted a job as a pediatric nurse practitioner in January 2011. We moved to Mooresville (we rented an apartment since we moved so quickly) in February.
I started my job in March of 2011.
We said "see you later" to my granddaddy in March of 2011. He was almost 93 years old and an incredible man!
We started attending our now "home church", which we later joined. We are so blessed with a wonderful church family.
Jett started a new job with a local insurance agent in October of 2011 (thank goodness, no more crazy shifts!).
We had a kitten, "Boots", that I found in our apartment parking lot. He only stayed for a few short days before leaving us high and dry.
We bought a new (to us) car in September 2011 (a 2008 Toyota 4 Runner). We acquired our first ever car payment.
We bought our first home in March of 2012, and moved in on Easter weekend. (Hence, acquiring our first ever mortgage .. along with that car payment).
We started leading the middle school youth group at our church in 2012.
We went to a few concerts: Zac Brown, Corey Smith, and Coldplay.
Obviously this is just an assortment of the past couple of years. We've celebrated many birthdays and holidays in between, and we've made lots of other memories as well.
We've also taken a few trips, including: a day trip to Stone Mountain, NC for our 2nd anniversary; a weekend trip to Boone for Jett's 27th birthday; a weekend trip to Topsail Island for my sister-in-law's 30th birthday; a few different trips back to Charleston (one for Jett's counsin's wedding, one for a work conference for me, and one for my friend Veronica's wedding); a weekend spent camping in Blacksburg, VA for the App State v. Virginia Tech football game; a weekend in Weaverville, NC for our 3rd anniversary; another weekend in Boone with friends for the App State Black Saturday game; a weekend in Bryson City for my brother's 30th birthday; a girl's weekend in Lake James with some of my former coworkers; a week in Topsail for a summer beach vaction; and a weekend in Ferguson, NC for an early 4th anniversary trip.
Post Disney Marathon, January 2011
At the Zac Brown Concert, July 2011

With my granddaddy, Thanksgiving 2010

Jett getting ready for trick or treating with his nephews, Halloween 2010

Post race, 2010 (I just can't remember which one!)

Pumpkin pickin', 2010

Jett with his Granny, September 2010

Pumpkin pickin', 2010

Halloween 2010

Christmas 2010

We had a white Christmas for the first time I can remember, 2010

Post Dowd 1/2 Marathon, 2010

Mountains with friends, January 2011

"Jimmie Jam" concert with Veronica, 2011

Topsail Island, view from the balcony, July 2011

My Pawpaw's birthday, August 2011

Go cart racing

Boots, our adopted kitten (who un-adopted us after about a week)

Getting ready for "Greertoberfest", 2011

On our way to the mountains for our 3rd anniversary, 2011

Max Patch, 2011 (3rd anniversary trip)

Max Patch, 2011

Christmas 2011

Charleston for Veronica's wedding, December 2011

Charleston for Veronica's wedding, December 2011

App State football game, October 2011
With Cooper and baby Avonlea, April 2011

Day in Magic Kingdom after the Disney Marathon, January 2011

Reunited with my beloved peds coworkers at a wedding, August 2011

"Greertoberfest" 2011

Stand-up paddleboarding on Lake James, April 2012

In Charleston for Veronica's wedding, December 2011

Our first house! (April 2012)

At a friend's wedding on Lake Norman, June 2012

Coldplay concert, July 2012