Bargain Hunting

Last night, I decided that Marshall's and TJMaxx are among my favorite places to buy running/workout clothes. I already love these stores for purses, home accessories, and mainly just anything you could ever need for life in general, but hadn't ever looked at their "active apparel" until last week. It's sort of hit or miss because each store has different articles and different sizes, but if you can find your size and something you like, the prices are great.

I got ...
A pair of Champion running shorts in a purple/plum color for $9.99.

An Avia running tee in green for $5.00 (but I'm not quite sure about this top yet ... I wore it tonight and was SO hot, but I couldn't decide if they had the heat cranked in the gym or if it was really the shirt).

A 3-pack of Adidas cushioned, mouisture-wicking socks for $5.99.

And my favorite, a new running hat! I got a women's Under Armor heatgear hat for $12.99. My favorite part about it is that it's Carolina Blue & White.

It pretty much looks like this, minus the logo on the side.
I've been hoping to get a new running hat. It's one of those items on my "can't live without" list because I sweat like a smelly old man, and hate constantly wiping sweat out of my eyes. I also have really fine, stringy hair that is always flying all over the place. I've been wearing an orange fishing hat that my husband's friend left in his car over a year ago. (If it's in my possession for over a year, I think it makes it mine!) It's not moisture wicking and has kind of become a sweaty, smelly, nasty mess. And I'm not allowed to wear it when our friend is in town, because he would probably disown us as friends if he saw what had become of his beloved hat. And, Jett decided last night after I bought a new one to let me know that's he's always thought that hat was really ugly and not appropriate for a girl to wear. Thanks, honey, for letting me know after I've been walking around in public looking like an ugly boy.

Regardless, finally found a new hat, and it's a women's style, which fits my abnormally small head size for my abnormally tall body (I also have abnormally small feet for such a large body). But, I digress.

The moral of this long drawn-out story is that if you live near a Marshall's or TJMaxx, you should check out their "active apparel" section. You might just be pleasantly surprised.

The fine print: None of this bargain-priced apparel is guaranteed to create great running success, as tonight I wore my new shirt and hat and made it an entire 1.18 miles on the treadmill before accidentally hitting the emergency stop button and deciding that I was so hungry that it was time to go home. Better luck tomorrow.




\ses-kwuh-puh-DAYL-yuhn\ , adjective;
1.Given to or characterized by the use of long words.
2.Long and ponderous; having many syllables.
1.A long word.

Sesquipedalian ... which leads me into the pet peeve post. I will never understand why people insist on using huge, insane words when there are many simple ones that are easier to pronounce, easier to spell, and easier to read without having to consult the online dictionary just to get through one discussion board posting for class. I realize that I will be a master's-prepared student in a mere 4 months, but is it too much to ask for others to carry on a conversation that any typical 20-something year old person would want to participate in?

Do you know the type? Are you the type? What is your pet peeve ... or should I say personal vexation!? : )



I've obviously been missing in action for the past couple of months, as the ins and outs of every day life took over my world. To be quite honest, we went to Charlotte for an extended holiday season over Christmas and the first of the New Year, sans computer--and it was nice not to check email, facebook, and blogs daily. Then once we got back and settled into Charleston again, school started back full force. Final semester of my master's program--wahooo! But, while final semester equates to a somewhat lighter course load, it also means quite a few more clinic hours. I've also picked up a part-time job 2.5 days a week just to bring in a little extra income, so until April I'm going to be living like a big kid again, instead of like a college student.

This new schedule seems to have done some good for my motivation, though, as I've been up before 5:30 3 days of each week since classes started back, and when I haven't been in the gym in the mornings I've been there many evenings. I've started joining in on spinning classes with a friend a couple days a week, and they are killer! My quads are jello after 60 minutes. Yesterday the instructor had us doing pushups while riding. Insane, I tell you!

I've also realized that I missed catching up with everyone out here in the bloggy world, so I spent quite a bit of time catching on the 200+ posts that have accumulated in my reader over the past month and a half.

I have some exciting thoughts brewing in my head for 2010, so check back for updates.

I'll leave y'all with a a photo recap of some of the things I've been up to for the past couple of months.

(Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning in Charlotte..hills, hills, hills!)

(Got to meet up with one of my best friends and her hubby at the
dog park before we both headed back out of town)

(Waiting at Waterfront Park for the Christmas Flotilla Boat Parade,
which we didn't get to see!)

(One of the things I love about living in a city surrounded by water)

(Our early Christmas in Charleston before heading to
Charlotte for the rest of the season)

(Meeting our friend's baby, born on New Year's Eve!)

(Ringing in 2010 with the one I love!)

(MUSC oyster roast ... some of the coldest weather in Charleston's history)