Christmas Card Promotion

For the past 2 years since Jett and I have been married, I have totally slacked on the "Christmas Card experience". Two years ago, I tried so hard to get the perfect picture in front of our first Christmas tree. Unfortunately, trying to get 2 hyper dogs to pose in a Santa hat and reindeer ears with the self timer isn't as easy as one might think. The Christmas card of 2008 was not to be. I don't even have an excuse for last year. Maybe we were too poor while I was in graduate school. Sure, that sounds like a good excuse ... I'll go with it.

This year I either have to come up with a new excuse or suck it up and send them out, because we have plenty of people capable of being our photographers .... AND, Shutterfly is offering this awesome promotion to bloggers for 50 free super cute Christmas cards.

Shutterfly has tons of great products. Check out the hundreds of great Christmas card styles. Personally, I also love the personalized calendars . Too bad my brother and SIL stole that idea last year and made a calendar of their anniversary trip to Ireland ... how can I trump that one? Or, if you're a slacker like me and can't quite get it together in time for Christmas, they still have you covered. Check out the New Year's cards here.

Bloggers, find this great promotion here, or just visit their website to see all of the cute products for yourself.

Now, if only my wedding planning website had not deleted all of my addresses. Maybe I should have back that up in the past 2 years!?

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