Long Overdue

Although I haven't been blogging, I promise you I have been running and riding my bike. I admit, it hasn't happened all 7 days of the week like I originally intended, but it is happening. Sorry for the bare minimum of posts, but it's been an intense past couple of weeks with school work, travel, catch-up clinical hours, etc. I promise, I will be back!

For tonight, I'll leave you with this picture . . .

This was from a spur-of-the-moment 5K (LungStrong) I ran with my friend Veronica in Charlotte last weekend. She was running the 15k, and when we decided to travel into town last minute I signed up for the 5k portion to run with a lot slower than her. Man, it sure was way colder in Charlotte than Charleston!

Check back on Sunday for a special one-year-wedding-anniversary post ... can't believe Jett & I have almost been married for a whole year!


  1. Hey Anna. It's Blair- thank you for visiting my blog! Very cool that you live in Charleston! :) I enjoy your blog as well. Thanks for your encouragement! Hope you'll keep reading and commenting! Happy Anniversary By the way! :)

  2. Hey- I did go to erskine! Grad. in 2008. I absolutely loved it. What church do you guys go to? Im actually at EC right now for homecoming.

  3. Hey Anna! I ran that 15k last year, and as I drove to work in the rain was thankful I was not running it again this year. Was it raining for you?

  4. Great picture!!

    Thanks for your comment.

    I was a basketball player in college so I have the slight advantage of YEARS of Sprinting up and down the hard woods. Pretty sure that my legs move on muscle memory :)

    It is hard to turn of the highly competitive athlete and just have fun... But I guess my definition of Fun is competeting...so go figure..

    Have a great day!